Friday, 29 July 2011

Reverse Applique Dahlia Flower

Dahlia Flower Block

WOW! I have been away for a while, just been busy, busy creating....

Over the last couple of weeks I have made Charlie CUPcake , a 26 inch cloth doll, as a brother for Katie CUPcake. I am now writing up the pattern instructions for a 14 inch reverse appliqued, Dahlia flower block. Once that is done and the file uploaded to I will make a Star flower applique in the same manner.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Great Dinner Party last night

We had a great dinner party last night. Good food, lovely wine and most important of all wonderful comapny.

Yesterday I created a series of digital card files

This is Katy CUPcake relaxing, you will find her at

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Latest Doll Designs

I Have just put Katy CUPcake's pattern on
She is a simple 22 inch cloth doll and I have almost finished writing the pattern for her big brother Charlie

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Adobe Photo Shop Lessons

On Monday Ben & Lynsey arrived to help me with Photo Shop. I now feel like knowledgeable beginner LOL but at least I have a starting point. Thanks Ben, you are a star.

Monday, 20 June 2011

I have been doing some "house keeping" in my studio today; dreadfully boring stuff such as dusting and cleaning the floor. The house keeping on my PC sorting embroidery files out and putting them in folders. My 3 Jack Russells have been sleeping most of the time getting over yesterday's trip to Cornwall.
The Applique layout for a baby's lap quilt kept catching my eye, I will have to create the other designs that I have floating about in my brain.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Today we drove to Cornwall

Today Mark and I drove to Cornwall on a recky expedition to see where we would like to move to. We drove to Crantock, a tiny coastal village just west of bustling New Quay which is where David, son #1, wants to live eventually. It was lovely but too small and isolated for us oldies. We need easy access to doctors, dentists and shops. We drove on to Truro and decided that is where we will house hunt. We took the 3 Jack Russells with us and apart from being car sick they loved running all over Crantock beach. We visited David and Sarah in Plymouth on our way home and reported our findings. The mug of tea was excellent Sarah!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Oops! I seem to have become my ownly Follower LOL

Oh dear! I have become my own follower, how sad is that?
It was a mistaken click so I forgive myself.
We have 2 more dogs now puppies from Woody the Parsons' Jack Russell.

Wierd and Wild Fairies

This is one of my Earth Mother Fairies and you can see why she would be a complicated applique pattern. I love fairies and wish I could see the ones at the bottom of my garden. I am sure I get a glimpse every now and again. My husband says they are dragon flies, poo!

Cards from Applique Designs, why NOT?

A friend asked me why I had so many applique designs in my files that I hadn't actually created in cloth. I thought about it and told her that the finished piece would have to be very large for many of the designs as they were so inticate. Being a card maker she suggested using them as digital cards as well as cards for personal use. Another friend told me all about where she sells her knitting patterns so I had a look; sent some designs for assessment by the team and they asked me to send more and created my own part of the website. It has been such fun and I recommend CUP and the team to anyone who creates digital images, wants to create or wants to create from downloads from the website.
Squeak is actually one of my own cats and she was my very first card.

WOW! Life got in the way a bit since my First Post

I am back making Fat Quarter Fred or Fredericka Bears, they are such fun to make and so popular with all my friends and their kids. They really do take just one Fat Quarter of 100% cotton quilters' fabric to make, plus the stuffing and other notions of course. The US Freds are smaller as this is where we Europeans are Bigger than the Americans with our metric Freds. Also every different fabric has more or less stretch so you get different size Freds that way too. Also if you place the pattern pieces across the width rather than on the straight of grain you can get tall skinny Freds. Mind you this may take more than a Fat Quarter so a long Quarter would be best.
Have a look at the pattern on if you want to make these lovely Teddy bears.